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Blog de Edustation > New Dictionary Words 2015

New Dictionary Words 2015

Añadido por Tomasz H. 14 julio 2015 categoría: English, Lexicon

A few times every year, the Oxford English Dictionary adds new words and definitions to its vast collection of the English language. It's important to keep up to date with the latest patterns by adding new dictionary words.

Today we show the list of the most interesting new words that were added in 2015:




A temporary training program in a workplace, especially one offered to students as part of a course of study. (It's very similar to an internship, but usually given by educational institutions)

e.g. My friend is doing a six week externship with production company.



Describes something that is your weakness. Kryptonite is a word from Superman. It is a fictional mineral that takes away Superman's powers when he is near it.

e.g. I can't resist pizza - it's my kryptonite.



It's a combination of a vacation and staying at home. So it's when you take holiday time but you don't go anywhere.



It's when someone spoils a photo by unexpectedly appearing in front of the camera.

e.g. I see John in the background of our picture, he must have photobombed it at the last second.



A project gets funded with lots of small donations from a large number of people. This is especially well suited to the internet.

e.g. I don't have enough money to build my startup, so I might crowdfund it.



It's a combination of twitch, twist and jerk. Describes dancing which emphasizes the dancer's bottom. What's interesting - the world was first used in the early 90s.

e.g. Have you seen that man twerking on the dance floor?

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