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Blog de Edustation > 7 Commonly Misused Words

7 Commonly Misused Words

Añadido por Tomasz H. 5 febrero 2015 categoría: Learning tips, English, Lexicon

Accept & Except

accept = to agree to take something

We accept credit cards.

except = not including

We accept credit cards, except American Express.

Compliment & Complement

compliment = a remark that expresses approval, admiration, or respect

I take it as a compliment when people say I look like my mother.

complement = to make something else seem better or more attractive when combining with it

Strawberries and cream complement each other perfectly.


Fewer & Less

fewer = nouns that can be counted

We got fewer complaints this week.

less = nouns that cannot be counted

We must try to spent less money.


Flammable & Inflammable

flammable = something that is flammable burns easy

Caution! This solvent is highly flammable.

inflammable = an inflammable substance or material burns very easily

A highly inflammable liquid such as petro


Flair & Flare

flair = natural ability to do something well

He has a flair for languages.

flare = to burn brightly either for a short time or not regularly

The flame above the oil well flared into the dark sky.

Emigrate & Immigrate

emigrate = to leave a country permanently and go to live in another one

Thousands of Poles emigrate every year.

immigrate = to come to live in a different country

He immigrated with his parents in 1989.


It's & Its

it's =it is or it has

It's my turn to do it.

its = belonging to or relating to something that has already been mentioned

Their house has its own swimming pool.

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