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Blog de Edustation > British Slang Words You Should Know

British Slang Words You Should Know

Añadido por Tomasz H. 2 febrero 2015 categoría: English, Lexicon


An informal way of saying friend.

e.g. She's my best mate.


Taking the mickey

Making fun of something.

e.g. Are you taking the mickey out of my new shoes?


A brew

A cup of tea.

e.g. I will make you a brew.



Thanks, but you can also use it when you make a toast.

e.g. I've bought you a drink. Cheers, mate.



To be really shocked.

e.g. He was gobsmacked when he heard of the redundancies.



Crazy or mad.

e.g. Not another one of his barmy ideas!



Really upset or disappointed.

e.g. He was gutted when she finished the relationship.



Very tired, exhausted.

e.g. I'm too knackered to go out this evening.



Disorganized, a mess.

e.g. Our economy is in a shambles.



Really good.

e.g. He looks smashing in his suit.

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