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Blog de Edustation > Tips for Self-Studying Languages

Tips for Self-Studying Languages

Añadido por Tomasz H. 2 diciembre 2014 categoría: General tips, german, English, French language

Understand Yourself

Knowing yourself as a learner is the most important part of successful self-study. When you are self-studying nobody will check your homework, your exercise, you will not have any deadlines. You are responsible for your efforts. So think twice: Why are you learning foreign language? When is the best time to learn for you - in the morning or in the afternoon? Do you like to learn alone or in crowded place? You learn a new language, because you want to find better job, meet new people, travel or talk to someone that you know?

Choose A Resource

Books, tutors, podcasts and free websites. There are many resources you can start with. Don't choose all! Having to many resources can lead to inertia. So what to do?  Choose a free or inexpensive one at first. Learn from videos, read texts, and listen to podcasts. That's a good way to start!

Start Now

Never say Ok, I will start tomorrow. And tomorrow you will probably say: Ok, I'll start on Monday. And then: Ohh, I'll start next month. This way you will probably never start... Don't put off learning. If you have 10 minutes - use it. Learn something short, read a text, mark words which you don't understand. The first step is the most difficult in learning languages. Then you will have more fun & energy:)

Set Small Goals

Ok, you're reading my blog post, so I know your long-term goal is being fluent in a foreign language. But it's a big goal and it's hard to stay motivated. Set small goals, e.g. I want to be able to book a hotel or I want to know how to order something at restaurant. Just learn such topic, make some conversation. Once you have met your goal, be happy and go ahead with next goal!

Learn Every Day

Sitting once a week for 3 hours and learning languages? That way is less effective. Learn 10, 15 or 20 minutes every day. That's better, because many small steps are always more motivating and effective.

Choose Native Materials

Native foreign language materials – radio, TV shows, magazines, websites, newspapers or movies. Just mix it with materials where you can learn vocabulary or basic grammar rules.

Review Vocabulary Using Interactive Exercises, Pictures & Videos

It takes a lot of repetition before you'll remember a new word. But when you use interactive exercises on your pc, phone or tablet, the learning process is very efficient. Especially, when you learn and then repeat new words from pictures or using some exercises where you fill the right words into gaps or translate the words.

Speak in Foreign Language

If you're learning foreign language, then it's probably because one day you hope to use it speaking with someone. But don't think about one day! Do you remember what was written in the beginning? Start now! Don't wait! Find a language partner, write with her/him, just meet. You can also meet with native speakers or tutors, just having a nice conversation! Do it, because languages are about communication:)

Interesting Topics

Don't waste your time on boring materials. It's unpleasant when you learn things which you don't like. Use materials that motivate you, materials in which you are interested. Remember, always look for the joy in language learning.

Take a Break!

If you're tired – take a break!:) Don't learn being tired, because you'll not see any efforts.

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