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Blog de Edustation > How to Say Thank You in English

How to Say Thank You in English

Añadido por Tomasz H. 10 diciembre 2014 categoría: English, Lexicon



I owe you one
Used to thank someone who has helped you (way of saying that you will do something to help them in the future)


Thanks a lot/thanks a bunch/thanks a million
If you want to emphasize or quantify your gratitude, you can use these expressions.


Ta, ta very much
This expression dates from the 18th century, now it is a common colloquial way of saying thank you in the UK.



Originally a friendly way of expressing good wishes before drinking, now 'cheers' is a frequently used informal way of expressing gratitude in the UK.


An I.O.U.
Is an informal document written to acknowledge a debt to someone.



Thank you very much, thank you so much
A way of emphasizing or quantifying your gratitude formally.


Much obliged
'Obliged' is an adjective, which means grateful when used in the structure below.


You shouldn't have!
To say thank you when someone has given you a present, perhaps unexpectedly.


Many thanks
A formal way of expressing gratitude commonly used in emails or letters, can also be used to sign off emails.


I would/I'd like to thank...
Used to express gratitude to specific people in formal speeches.

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