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Blog de Edustation > Lots of, a lot of & a lot

Lots of, a lot of & a lot

Añadido por Tomasz H. 9 junio 2014 categoría: Learning tips, English, Grammar

A lot of, lots of, a lot

The quantifiers lots of, a lot of and a lot are often used interchangeably in English. This time I show you the rules how to use expressions correct.

A lot of / Lots of

They have the same meaning: both mean a large amount or number of people/things. They are both used before countable nouns and uncountable nouns. Both expressions tend to be used in informal English.

We need a lot of people for this game.

We need lots of people for this game.

A lot of rain falls in autumn.

Lots of rain falls in autumn.

A lot

It means very often or very much or great deal. It is used as an adverb. It comes at the end of a sentence & never before a noun.

I like football a lot.

He's a lot happier now than he was.

I enjoy running a lot.

John seems to travel a lot.

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