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Blog de Edustation > They're, There & Their

They're, There & Their

Añadido por Tomasz H. 15 mayo 2014 categoría: Grammar, English

The problem: they're, there and their sound identical but have different meanings. What's the difference between they're, there and their? They're not complicated. After my explanation there shouldn't be any more confusion.


  • It's a contraction (the fact of something becoming smaller or shorter) of they are.

There are going to be late -> There're going to be late

I think they are lying -> I think they're lying


It has several different uses:

  • Noun that means that place.

Don't go there.

I saw him standing there.

  • Used to begin a sentence.

There is no doubt in my mind.

There are no more jelly beans.


  • of or belonging to them.

They have a dog -> What happend to their dog?

They left here the book -> Their books are on the table

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