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Blog de Edustation > Top 10 English Words of the Month - March

Top 10 English Words of the Month - March

Añadido por Tomasz H. 31 marzo 2014 categoría: English, Lexicon

We've started a new month, April, and it's good time to see what were the most popular English words on Edustation.
Let's see Top 10 English Words of the Month - March:


to reach a place, especially at the end of a journey

e.g. It was dark by the time we arrived at the station.

used to

Shows that a particular thing always happened or was true in the past, especially if it no longer happens or is no longer true.

e.g. I used to fish here every day.


a period of 24 hours, especially from twelve o'clock one night to twelve o'clock the next night

e.g. These animals sleep during the day and hunt at night.


understanding of or information about a subject that you get by experience or study, either known by one person or by people generally

e.g. Her knowledge of English grammar is very extensive.


for that reason

e.g. We were unable to get funding and therefore had to abandon the project.


every thing, person, etc. in a group of two or more, considered separately

e.g. Each of the companies supports a local charity.


used, usually as the object of a verb or preposition, to refer to people, things, animals, situations, or ideas that have already been mentioned

e.g. I've lost my keys. I can't find them anywhere.


in or from the east part of an area

e.g. The eastern part of the country is very mountainous.


the process of discussing something with someone in order to reach an agreement with them, or the discussions themselves

e.g. The agreement was reached after a series of difficult negotiations.



Do you have any thoughts, questions or suggestions? Have you spotted a mistake or you don't agree with something? Leave a comment :-)

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