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Blog de Edustation > Make time for language learning

Make time for language learning

Añadido por Tomasz H. 10 marzo 2014 categoría: General tips, german, English, French language

I'm sure you usually think - I don't have time to learn a language. Bad thinking! You have time! And there's only one thing you have to do - use yor time wisely.

Now you probably thought: 'How? My day is full of activities?'

Ok, but I know that in your day schedule there are time wasters. How to identify them?


Choose a week and make a list of things you do during the day. After a week sit down and think what you are doing wrong. Reallocate time wasters to language study. Step by step, slowly but definietly.

Watching TV

Do you spend a lot of time watching TV? Ok. What kind of small step can you do here? Watch films with English subtitles! What more? Commercial breaks are really long. Use them for studying, repeat words or grammar.


Morning or afternoon jogger? Add to your playlist songs or audio books. Run & learn:)

Doing nothing

Do not remove tasks from your schedule. Look at your list. There are breaks which are useles! Add to the 'dead time' learning languages. Be more productive!


Do you spend ca. 30 minutes in bus, tram, train or underground? It's a great time to open a book or magazine and read something in foreign language.


I'm sure you like reading news from the world. Sport, politics, business etc. You read it every day. Now start reading the news in foreign language. Yes, use popular news websites and read them instead of the national websites.


Plan your meals - buy everything you will need at once. Make shopping list, don't lose time in the grocery.

Be organised

Put everything in right place. Pack your bag the night before, keep all your daily materials organized. It's good to have an easy access to them - this way you save time.

Block websites

Block gossip sites or news sites when you start learning online. Concentrate only on learning languages. Impose time restrictions for specific websites.


Check incoming massages only 4 times throughout the day. Don't lose time and productivity by answering every task.

Social media

Follow famous persons who write in social media in foreign language and follow language learning pages. You will read more in foreign language than spending time watching foolish pictures.

And remember. Start slow, organize your day, plan ahead. Do everything step by step. It saves you time in the long run. Three minutes per activity. But if you have 12 activities, that will give you 36 minutes. You will have much more time for learning. After 30 days learning languages every day will be your second nature and you will not complain about the lack of time anymore.

Do you have any thoughts, questions or suggestions? Have you spotted a mistake or you don't agree with something? Leave a comment :-)

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